9:19 a.m. Denver time
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Airport Scavenger Hunt

If you have some free time while at Denver International Airport (DIA), you may want to try your luck at our scavenger hunt. Determine where you are (Jeppesen Terminal, A gates, B gates, or C gates), then look for the items listed under each location. If you have a lot of time, take the train to another gate area and continue the scavenger hunt. Remember, if you are at A, B, or C gates and you travel back to Jeppesen Terminal, you will have to go through security again to reach you departure gate.


JEPPESEN TERMINAL – (45 minutes)

  • Find the airport’s time capsule. Name five artifacts that are inside.
  • Can you find the “Balustrade” art piece by Betty Woodman? How many ceramic balusters are there?
  • Find the two gargoyles. What are they sitting in?
  • Can you find the statue of Elrey B. Jeppesen, whom the terminal is named after? Where is the statue located?
  • Find the murals by Gary Sweeney titled “America, Why I Love Her”.  What states have the “largest yo-yo” and the “Popcorn Museum”?

A Gates – (30 minutes)

  • Find the art piece “Dual Meridian” by David Griggs in the center atrium. Can you name three materials used in the piece?
  • Find the floors with mosaic tile patterns. List two continent names that appear in the mosaics.
  • How many Colorado flags can you find on the floors on the west end of A Gates?
  • Can you find the large map of the world?
  • Find the musician on the floor at the east end of A Gates.  What instrument is he playing?

B Gates – (1 hour)

  • What astronaut has a statue on B Gates?
  • At what gate number can you catch a flight for Los Angeles?
  • What is the tail number on the hanging plane? Can you find the tail number for the other hanging plane, as well?
  • What color are the dinosaurs on the floor throughout B Gates?
  • Find the Regional Jet Facility at B Gates. How many planes with propellers can you spot outside of the facility?

C Gates – (30 minutes)

  • In how many shops can you buy a cup of coffee on C Gates?
  • Find the first gate number on C Gates (hint: it’s not Gate 1).  What is it? 
  • There are seven large photographs displayed throughout C Gates. Can you find them all? What are the two animals displayed in the photos?
  • What color is the hanging jet at C Gates?

Did You Know?

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