4:13 a.m. Denver time
Saturday, October 25, 2014

Public Art

Visitors are in for an extraordinary Colorado experience when they pass through Denver International Airport. It is here that artists worked with architects, designers, and construction companies early in the airport design process to create a seamless integration of art, architecture, and environment. The result is the first phase of artwork at the airport, a series of sculptures, murals, and installations creating one of the most extensive airport art programs in the world.

Terminal Kings

2012 – 2017 | Location: Near airport improvement projects

DIA commissioned accomplished street artists Sam Flores, David Choe and Highraff to create a mural exhibition that will be on display in various More »


Artist: Electroland | Location: A Gates 54-68

The airport is a complex environment where an assortment of “voices” of visual communication co-exist to welcome passengers, give information, More »

America, Why I Love Her

Artist: Gary Sweeney | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5

"America, Why I Love Her" was inspired by family road trips from the artist's childhood. While traveling around the United States, Gary Sweeney was More »

Art Chronicles

Artist: Alex Sweetman | Location: C Gates

"Art Chronicles" is a photographic series based on the evolution of the construction of the airport and the artist's experience as an observer. More »


Artist: Betty Woodman | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6

"Balustrade," located on the north and south bridges of Level 6 in Jeppesen Terminal, divide the lower level into three distinct modules. The sky More »

Beaded Circle Crossing

Artist: Alice Adams | Location: B Gates

"Beaded Circle Crossing" derives its form from the lodges, tipis and beadwork of Native Americans, as well as from the bridges of Eiffel and More »

Children of the World Dream Peace

Artist: Leo Tanguma | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5

"Children of the World Dream of Peace" is a powerful mural expressing the artist's desire to abolish violence in society. One section of the piece More »


Artist: Christopher Lavery | Location: Peña Boulevard, Westbound

Cloudscape has been recognized by the Public Art Network as one of the top sculptures installed in 2010. The clouds, which are hollow structures made More »

Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey

Artist: Leni Schwendinger | Location: Passenger Train Tunnel, West Side

"Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey" is a mile-long light and sculpture installation sited in the inbound train tunnel. The work is More »

Dual Meridian

Artist: David Griggs | Location: A Gates

"Dual Meridian" pays homage to the architectural heritage of its site by harking back to the grand, vaulted spaces of turn-of-the-century More »

Experimental Aviation

Artist: Patty Ortiz | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Passenger Arrivals

In "Experimental Aviation" 140 airplanes suspended from the ceiling greet travelers as they arrive in Jeppesen Terminal from the train platform. The More »

Fenceline Artifact

Artist: Buster Simpson & Sherry Wiggins| Location: Landscape visible from Peña Boulevard.

"Fenceline Artifact" intersects the DIA landscape with the memory of its recent history. The materials used to establish this 1,000-foot linear More »

Great Hall Floor

Artists: Juane Quick-to-see Smith and Ken Iwamasa | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5

Using a grid similar to those used to create cubist and constructivist paintings, a traditional Native American design appears in the "Great Hall More »

In Peace and Harmony with Nature

Artist: Leo Tanguma | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5

Leo Tanguma's "In Peace and Harmony with Nature" references the social realist murals of Mexico while addressing a modern theme: the destruction of More »

Jack Swigert

Artist: George Lundeen and Mike Lundeen | Location: B Gates

The Lundeen brothers are prominent members of the community of sculptors in the city of Loveland, Colorado.

More »

Kinetic Air Light Curtain

Artists: Antonette Rosato and William Maxwell | Location: Passenger Train Tunnel, East Side

"Kinetic Air Light Curtain" consists of a grouping of 5,280 propellers laid out on a grid system that changes configurations as the train passes. The More »

La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra

Artist: Judith Baca | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Southeast

"La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra," or "Our Land Has Memory," explores the concept that the land we live on records the stories of the people who have More »

Mile High and Rising

Artist: Marcus Akinlana | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Southwest

"Mile High and Rising" depicts the spirit of adventure, optimism and triumph that African Americans brought to Colorado and the Old West. Historical More »


Artist: Luis Jiménez | Location: Peña Boulevard approach to DIA

"Mustang" is a 32-foot cast-fiberglass sculpture by Luis Jiménez. Jiménez' characteristic style references the grandeur of the Mexican muralists, the More »

Notre Denver

Artist: Terry Allen | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Baggage Claim 3 and 16

"Notre Denver" features two cast bronze gargoyles, perched inside suitcases, watching over the east and west baggage claim areas. Historically, More »

Patterns and Figures - Figures and Patterns

Artist: Barb McKee and Darrell Anderson | Location: A Gates

"Patterns and Figures – Figures and Patterns" utilizes terrazzo and mosaic tile to create figures and patterns on the floors of A Gates. Artist More »

Spirit of the People

Artist: Western American Indian Chamber | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, and International U.S. Customs Arrivals, Level 5.

Spirit of the People is temporarily out of service for conservation and cleaning. The art will be reinstalled in December 2013. More »

Tribute to Bill Smith

Artist: Ed Dwight | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6

Bill Smith, remembered in this bronze sculpture, seemed larger than life to airport employees. His leadership was crucial to the new airport More »

Tribute to Elrey Jeppesen

Artist: George Lundeen | Location: Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5

Jeppesen was an important figure in early aviation and in Colorado history, bringing standards of navigation and safety to the new industry More »

Train Call

Artist: Jim Green | Location: Passenger Train Stations

In contrast to conventional public announcements, a series of musical chimes greets travelers throughout the underground system in "Train Call." More »

21st Century Artifacts

Artists: Carolyn Braaksma and Mark Villareal | Location: B Gates

The floors of B Gates incorporate the unique geology and geography of Colorado in "21st Century Artifacts." Broad areas of colored terrazzo are inlaid More »

Untitled (Garden)

Artist: Michael Singer | Location: C Gates

This installation utilizes plant material, along with sculptural and architectural elements, to convey a connection to human history, the cycle of More »